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Researching Unicorns?

Researching whether a unicorn exists requires not the research of the unicorn, but a definition of existence.   You can read about it in Philosophy textbooks and journals.  It is a rabbit hole that I could not navigate even if there … Continue reading

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Features and Common Practices of Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is quite broad, and to avoid boxing in a definition that excludes certain types of research or disciplines, it is helpful to consider features of qualitative research.   Understanding People’s Lives:  Using real-world conditions, qualitative research seeks to … Continue reading

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Are You Using the Right Research Methodology? Five Qualitative Approaches

Maybe you decided to perform a qualitative study for a deeper and more hands-on understanding than facts and figures alone.  Maybe a qualitative study fits better with your purpose statement.  Maybe you simply prefer a good story to scores of … Continue reading

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