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These may help you also, especially if you are working on a program evaluation study.  I include the diagram format comment because it consistently appears that I am doing this wrong.  If anyone has a resource for how to format this on a Mac, I would be most appreciative!

When I reflect on these comments, a running theme for me is to be consistent.  It is easy in the long document to veer off point and identify a concept by industry jargon that the reader has to work to understand.  Another running theme is APA details, which I am working toward Zen as an alternative to madness here.  And my favorite is “revise”, the story of my life…    

  • It is quite possible that you can find an existing instrument for an “instructional product” that you can use.  Finding an “existing” instrument is usually better than going through the process of developing, piloting, etc. a new instrument.  Search Burros Measurement Yearbook or Tests in Print or other sources to try to find an existing instrument that is generic enough to use for evaluating your product (an instructional product).  You may have to adapt something you find and you may have to get permission to use the instrument, but that is easier than creating a new one.  I am happy to take a look at any instrument you find before you make a decision.
  • We need to use this or the word comprehension consistently throughout the paper.  It really depends on your research questions and the data you will collect.  If your research questions will include more than just “comprehension” and you data collection will be more than just “comprehension,” then use – achievement.  If you are only going to look at comprehension, then use that term throughout.  There is at least one place in chapter 1 that you use the word “comprehension.”
  • This diagram needs to be labeled as Figure 1 (See Form and Style).
  • These 3 areas need to be included in your Definitions section.  There may be an easier term to define than “usefulness for the teacher,” but this may be fine.  If you do change the wording of “usefulness for the teacher,” then change the wording throughout the paper.
  • If you are going to use this acronym, use it every time once you have originally established it in the paper.
  • After this, you need a “Research Questions” section.  Feel free to send me your “draft” questions for me to review.  Examples of questions might be: 1. To what extent to teachers perceive the …to be effective in enhancing student reading achievement?  2. To what extent… be effective in enhancing student engagement in the reading?  3. To what extent…… be effective in providing a useful tool to use in providing reading instruction?   4. What do teachers perceive as the greatest strengths of the ….?  5. What do teachers recommend for the improvement of the ….?  I would definitely not have more than 5 questions unless you “really” feel like you need 1 or 2 more.
  • The standards are different than the evaluation approach.  It appears that you are describing the evaluation “approach” in this section.  The “Standards” are more related to ethical standards for conducting sound program evaluations.  You may just want to change this heading to Evaluation Approach.  You will need to get a copy of the Professional Evaluation Standards and discuss key standards that connect to your study in chapter 2 and/or 3.
  • Tell what year this data is from.
  • This should be a level 2 heading.  Left margin and capitalize first letter of each word.
  • Revise.







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