Eleven Dissertation Editors: Who They Are and How to Reach Them

If you need help with formatting and APA, you may be advised to contact an editor.  Some editors will help with writing, but this post is about editors who are recommended by a group of doctoral committee members, many who have eagle eyes for the finer points of APA.  It is not the “official” recommendation of any person or school.

I am trying for a future interview post with one of these editors for recommendations to students, but my recommendation is to get on the radar as early as possible and build a good relationship.  Your editor is a crucial element in your progress, and you will learn loads… even if it is about APA!

Use your personal email to contact editors, and ask for an estimate of cost and time as early as possible.  They are in high demand, so several weeks is not unusual.  Also ask for a record of success and time to get through final format review process at your particular school, especially if a particular style is required in addition to APA.

  1. Mike Agresta can edit Spanish and can be reached at magresta@gmail.com.
  2. William Andersen has a background teaching AP English.  He can be reached at wtandersen@live.com.
  3. Claudia Bennett Sheets, EdD has a company called Focused Educational Design and provides full service dissertation editing.  She can be reached at focused@anv.net
  4.  Nancy Chamberlain can be reached at NancyJCham@aol.com.
  5.  Ellen Compton-Tejera can be reached at Eac_97@usdatanet.net
  6.  Jennifer Ellen Cook can be reached at jenniferellencook@yahoo.com.  Reach out well in advance, as she is booked very heavily.
  7.  Gail Giordano can be reached at gailgiordano13@comcast.net.
  8.  Lorraine Maslow has written an APA guide for students that she willingly shares.  She can be reached at lcmaslow@gmail.com.
  9. Sherilyn Newell is known for format specialization and can be reached at Dsranewell@aol.com.
  10. Susan Topoleski has an education background and a website at EditorGirl.com. She can be reached at infogirl4@yahoo.com.
  11. Barbara Welch can be reached at barblympus@earthlink.net.


Good luck!

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