A Doctorate: One High School Principal’s Perspective

Kenny Bevan is Principal at Journeys Academy, a district wide alternative school for grades 6-12 located in Central Florida.  He is a former elementary teacher with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.  He is also a former Dean of Students and Assistant Principal of high school students. Kenny


1. What opportunities do you consider when you think of getting a doctorate?


When considering a doctorate, I think of the opportunity to teach at the university level one day.


2. Same question, but consider barriers not opportunities.


When considering a doctorate, barriers I see are time and money. I am not willing to spend more time away from my wife and two young sons.


3. From your point of view, how important is a doctorate in getting promoted in the public high school setting?


Having a doctorate in the public high school is not a major consideration for professional promotion in the public high school setting. It is helpful, however not nearly as much as results from instructional and administrative leadership practices that impact the school.


4. Who benefits most from a doctorate — teachers, students, or administrators?


I believe teachers, students, and administrators benefit from a doctorate.  Ultimately, our goal is to create a space for all students to achieve knowledge and skills for productivity.  Teachers and administrators pass on the expertise to create that space and ultimately improve each student’s learning experience.


5.   With a young family, it sounds like now is not the prime time to begin a doctoral program.  What would have to be in place for you to decide to become Dr. Bevan?


I’d like the kids to be older before I could dedicate more time to a program of study.  Next, I’d like to really think carefully about how I could best impact my area of interest with the right program of study.  I’d like to choose the school and path that would benefit the students and administrative team I work for, so having a few years to consider where my district’s needs and my passion intersect would be great.

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