Superintendent? I Super Intend Not.

It looks like I can confidently write that I will graduate this fall.  My Chair has even said so on the phone AND put it in writing that he believes this is it.  Not only that, caps, gowns, and diploma stickers are all over my 2014 vision board.

Naturally, people are asking me what I will do with “Doctor” in front of my name.  I checked out the Education Portal page that shares career information on my specific degree.  Examples are Superintendent, Director of Student Services, and University Professor.  The first two sound like mood-altering medication would be required, and I have done the third one for a few years now.  It’s okay, but middle school was a hundred times better.  So how will I maximize my new prestige and do the Sheryl Sandberg “Lean In?”

I will not.  Thanks, anyway.

Maybe you know Zosia Mamet from the HBO series Girls, or maybe you know her famous father, playwright David Mamet.  She wrote an article in Glamour magazine about not leaning in, and I thank her.  We do not all, as she states, need to build an empire.  It doesn’t look good for me anyway if I am pushing 40 and still reading Glamour and watching Girls!  Success is achieving what you desire.  That decision is up to you alone, despite pressure to lead, change the world, act, accomplish, boost, achieve, express, identify, channel, aid, and fight.  By the way, each of those verbs are taken from only the homepage of the Lean In website.  No way am I clicking.  I’m exhausted already.  Although, I really want to make a “hokey pokey” song and dance entitled “Lean In.”  Is that mean?

Next time someone asks, these are my top three choices in no order.  They are not on the Education Portal site under jobs requiring a doctorate. All terms are subject to change.

Poet.  There is such a thing as educational poetry.  Maybe an alive poets society?

Maxxinista.  If you don’t know what this is, I cannot explain it.

Tutor.  There is something awesome about a kid getting the right answer in math.

So…. Are you getting your doctorate to lean in?  I think it’s great!  I hope everyone gets his or her dream job or jobs.  I also hope I can fight the pressure that the biggest degree means the biggest job.  Superintendent? I super intend not.

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