Steps in Chapter Four: “Survey Says!”

To present quantitative or qualitative data, chapter four is your spot. It is only to display and interpret findings.  Save commentary, discussion, comparison, and the like for chapter five.  Survey Says!

A presentation of qualitative data will be longer than a presentation of quantitative data, but either way your goal is to present a summary finding.  You don’t have to present every answer or comment, although including extra data is a good option for an appendix. 

1.     Remind your readers of the study purpose and the research questions.  Don’t make them flip all the way back to chapter one for this important information. 

2.     Describe your data collection method.  Also include why you chose this particular method and how you gathered the data.  You just finished this work in chapter three, so providing a brief reminder should be pretty easy.      

3.     Establish validity and reliability, which is especially important if you are working with a control-group and testing a hypothesis. 

4.     Discuss any pilot study or survey.  This is another reminder from chapter three.

5.     Share what data is missing.  Did anyone skip questions or were you unable to obtain the number of participants you planned?  Discuss this with your Chair to decide if it is important enough to revisit with a wider committee or if you have to go through additional review.    

Now you are ready to present your data according and in order of your research questions.  Be clear about the answer to each research question.  Provide a brief summary of your results in order of significance, not necessarily in order of the research questions.  Write a conclusion that provides an easy transition into the final chapter that will discuss why your work is important.

I will meet tomorrow to review my results. I got all my survey answers in, and I need a Richard Dawson to help me shake out the data.  “Survey Says!”  


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