Today I found a procrastination website. makes me feel less guilty because it is related to the graduate and postgraduate thesis.  If you had to sum up your research into a joke the size of a Twitter post, what would it be?  Below are three student examples for modeling:


“Execs pad expense accounts more when expenses are tax-deductible, #amirite?”

Economics, Princeton


“Here is a moderately interesting question about antibiotic resistance, and here are the experiments I didn’t have enough time to finish. Someone should do them. Probably an unpaid intern.”

Applied Mathematics and Biology, Brown University.


“People use words pretty weirdly while they play World of Warcraft.”

Linguistics, University of Colorado


My research is an evaluation of rhyming reader’s theater scripts adapted from classic short stories.  I wrote them as an English teacher because I was determined that bored students would value important literature by authors like Jack London and Edgar Allan Poe.  Here is the lolmythesis version of my research, also conveniently a meme:


“If you’re getting walled in a cellar I feel bad for you son.  I got 99 problems and Amontillado ain’t one.”

Instructional Leadership, Nova Southeastern University


At the end of the day, we can laugh or cry about what we have gotten ourselves into as doctoral students or English teachers or what have you.  That is why the lolmythesis website is officially not procrastination.  I have not broken my New Year’s resolution about procrastination.    However, I did go to the vending machine during the writing of this blog.  Back to that Abstract page before the day is out.

For 2014, I have created a serenity prayer for ABDs:

God, grant me the serenity to accept waiting for my adviser’s comments

The courage to open the APA manual

And the wisdom to hire a dissertation coach.


What resolutions do you have for your dissertation this year?





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