Advanced APA: An Early Christmas Gift

From Nova Southeastern University comes an 88 page colorful Powerpoint presentation of major elements in the 6th edition APA Publication Manual.  While I have checked the manual many times, this presentation has helped me well into work with my committee, and I expect to refer to it more frequently than the manual itself.

A few items very useful to final formatting:

  1. A url that included step by step instructions on formatting an APA table of contents, including where to put your cursor and how many times to hit enter.
  2. How to format your “Definition of terms.” “See example.”
  3. How to switch from Roman numerals to Arabic numerals
  4. A list of statistical abbreviations and symbols
  5. Rules and exceptions for writing numbers


My biggest struggle with APA has been remembering how to use direct quotes with a page number and where the period goes relative to the reference.  It is just so strange looking!  The publisher of the APA manual writes, “This profusion of scholarship has been supported and defined by the guidance provided in the Publication Manual (VandenBos, 2010, p. iii). I most often avoid direct quotes to avoid making what will inevitably be an APA error here, but sometimes I do it and there are people waiting to correct me.


The whole APA PowerPoint presentation is easy to read, guided by arrows and steps, and the color reminds you of the little things that you know you know.  It just helps to take a second look.  Don’t capitalize Bank.  Capitalize Bank of America.  Sure, that is a simple example, but it would have saved me some time this week and my committee member (Committee Member?) some typing if I knew that Vygotsky’s research was in social development theory and not Social Development theory.


Let me know what you think of the presentation and if you find it useful.

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