In Limbo? Twelve Things To Do While You Wait

Maybe you have a Chair or committee that takes a long time to respond to your latest draft.  Maybe you have a fantastic Chair that is held up in a natural disaster.  I’ve had both.  “There’s nothing I can do right now.  I’m just waiting.”  I get it.  But who says this has to be a linear process?


Do you have IRB approval?  I don’t.  So while I wait by my gmail for my next set of directions, maybe I can start filling out the myriad forms or somehow making the IRB step less daunting when I get there.  I’m taking a look today to let you know what is, in fact, possible, without this bit of direction.  For example, my name and address will be the same.  It’s something!  Here’s what else I can do:


  1. Read the “Steps to Apply for IRB Approval.”
  2. Establish login and passwords for the IRB database.
  3. Learn the database to which you must upload IRB forms.
  4. Put together separate .pdfs for the proposal, submission form for initial review, data collection instruments, administration letters, and proof of IRB training (CITI course).
  5. Take the CITI course.  I can’t even remember if I did that.
  6. Write a detailed description of the research, methods, procedures, and populations.
  7. Describe how you will minimize risk to participants and ensure confidentiality.
  8. Collect and create separate files for surveys.
  9. Create files for recruitment materials like emails sent or phone scripts
  10. Compile consent forms or permission letters.
  11. Find out if you have to re-create these items in the database of the IRB for your school.  It’s possible.


That should keep you busy, but just in case…

12. Read your school’s “Steps to Apply for Final Approval.” (Why not?)

What does your school encourage or allow you to do in advance of being on the IRB radar screen?

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