Researching Unicorns?

Researching whether a unicorn exists requires not the research of the unicorn, but a definition of existence  You can read about it in Philosophy textbooks and journals.  It is a rabbit hole that I could not navigate even if there were a real unicorn at the bottom.  Then I would have to define “real”, then “bottom”…   Sorry, my study is quantitative.  

I never thought I would prefer the idea of variance analysis until trying to read the work (for ten minutes) of those defining existence.  My own work in progress submission has a “Definition of Terms” section that is alphabetized and readable in just a few scrolls of the mouse. 


Last week, I may have wished for a unicorn dissertation.  Today, I’m grateful that “existence” is not listed as a definition in my literature review.  

People who can research the existence of unicorns should, of course, earn a Ph.D.  The study of existence and philosophy are fundamentally connected.  The unicorn dissertation study from the earlier post turned out to be an examination of how separate philosophers may have interpreted the unicorn’s existence based on the idea of existence.  Meta.

When I had to figure out what ANOVA was, it required great concentration, but I did it.  I even posted about it.   There will be a unicorn sighting before a post by me on the definition of existence, so hats/horns off to the philosophers.   

Some people are still commenting on the most unusual dissertations and adding their own.  I’ll follow up with another list of out of the ordinary topics.  Thanks for sharing; it is a fun rabbit hole!  

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