How I Got Unstuck On My Dissertation

I asked for the right answer.  It was a lot simpler than I imagined it would be, even though I felt I should know the answers somehow by now or at least where to find them.  

Everything was much easier until the end of Chapter Three, the methodology section.  Then comments from my Chair included words and phrases like “confused”, “enlighten me”, “not what we discussed.”  There was even a smattering of caps lock action.  Iceberg.  Right AHEAD!

Selecting the wrong research design will confuse people, and I am no expert in research design.  I could have done a better job consulting my textbook called, uh, “Research Design.”  How do you know if you are picking the exact right design?  My logic turned out to be clearly confusing and confusingly unclear.

Here is a paraphrase of the 24 hours around this problem.

Hi Dr. F.,

50 words of me trying to seem smart and really struggling…. 

What research design would you suggest I use for this study?

50 words to seem smart again so it is not very obvious that I don’t know what to do here, but please please just tell me the answer.



Hi Jill,

You should use the survey design.  Read information in your Research Design book on the survey design approach to help you write this section.  50 words related to general confusion on his part still from my Chapter Three earlier submission. 

Dr. F.

So, the point here is just be specific and ask.  Even if there are several ways to do a study, it is probably better just to ask how you should design your work or whatever big question is lurking.  It is also probably best to keep it short.  They can probably all see through that trying to seem smart nonsense….

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