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Dr. Matthew Lonam (Ph.D., University of Missouri - Columbia, 1999), Founder and CEO, has more than twenty years experience in college and university teaching and advising. His graduate students have received Ph.D.'s, MBA's, MTA's, and Masters of Strategic Leadership in addition to European graduate degrees. Prior to becoming the lead faculty member at Mountain State University in Orlando, FL, Dr. Lonam taught and advised graduate students at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., United States International University in Mexico City, AILUN in Sardinia, Italy.

Let’s Meetup and talk about your dissertation!

I’m attending a Meetup with Orlando Area Dissertation Support Group

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Jill, you made an excellent point about SPSS…

…the student version of IBM’s SPSS Statistics Grad Pack can be pretty affordable.  A quick web search revealed prices as low as $30 (used??) up to $150 from various resellers.  Amazon lists a 1-year license, installed on 2 computers, for … Continue reading

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From the Chronicle of Higher Ed…

March 31, 2010 Help to the Finish Line: Ways to Reduce the Number of Ph.D. Dropouts By David Glenn Doctoral students in the United States are finishing their degrees fasterthan at any point since at least 1983. But that’s not actually … Continue reading

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Will You Graduate?

For nearly fifty percent of people who enroll in a doctoral degree program, the answer is no.  Yikes.  How can you stack the odds in favor of finishing?  It may help to be aware of some variables that skew toward … Continue reading

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Why DissertationRx?

The idea behind DissertationRx is to create the kind of support I received when my own dissertation lagged almost to the point of having to take additional coursework or even abandonment. The research indicates that somewhere around 50% of grad … Continue reading

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Qualitative Research Book

Jill:  Great post.  I highly recommend “Qualitative Research from Start to Finish” by Dr. Robert K Yin (2011) from Guilford Press.  It’s a great road map for the qualitative scholar!

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The Dissertation Completion Problem

Can’t finish your doctoral dissertation?  Years of research have highlighted an important problem in American graduate education.  As long ago as 1977, only about 42% of ABD doctoral students were graduating (Sternberg, p. 9, 1981).  In 2007, Jaschik reported 10-year doctoral completion … Continue reading

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